All You Need to Know About the Triangle Between Rusev, Lana and Lashley



From the past few weeks, if there’s something that the WWE Universe has been showing a great interest in is the live triangle storyline featuring Lana, Rusev and Bobby Lashley. Rusev and Lana were already married and it all began with some allegations that were made by Lana on Rusev afterward the episode of Bobby Lashley intervening in between had happened.

The things came out in public when Rusev was facing the then Universal Champion Seth Rollins for his Universal Championship on 30 September 2019 episode of WWE Raw. During the match, Rusev had almost won the match when Bobby Lashley entered with Lana alongside him and their unexpected kiss gave The Fiend Bray Wyatt a great chance to attack Seth Rollins. Meanwhile, Rusev along with King Corbin and Randy Orton were taken by surprise at this act of Lana and Bobby Lashley which had given the WWE Raw an unexpected ending that night.

Things took a huge turn again on the 7 October 2019 episode of WWE Raw when Bobby Lashley entered Rusev’s bedroom, dressed up in his clothes and sharing his bed with Lana. This all happened once again when Rusev was busy in his match against Randy Orton and King Corbin who were members of Team Flair which were to face Team Hogan at Crown Jewels on 31 October 2019 in Saudi Arabia. This whole episode made Rusev a frustrated being and he, later on, unleashed his anger on Randy Orton and King Corbin who were too much amused at Rusev’s condition.

They took the things one step ahead on the 14 October 2019 episode of WWE Raw where Lana received a massage from Bobby Lashley, who she now called as her boyfriend. This was the last thing that had happened before Rusev began to retaliate. Rusev was being interviewed by Jerry, King Lawler on 21 October 2019 episode of WWE Raw when both Lana and Bobby Lashley were seen having dinner at a restaurant. Later on, Bobby Lashley mocked Rusev for not giving time to his wife and that it was Lana’s dream to be at that restaurant. Lana confirmed this and even challenged Rusev to find her if he could. However, a determined Rusev left the arena and gave Bobby Lashley a nice beating that he deserved according to him before he was taken away by the security officials at the restaurant.

It was on the 28 October 2019 episode of Monday Night Raw that Rusev and Lana came face to face again, after a month-long duration with Jerry Lawler being the mediator. Lana complained that the WWE Universe and the people around the world were saying things behind her back everywhere, from Twitter and Instagram to her emails and texts and that she couldn’t take it any longer. She also said that the reason she cheated on Rusev was the biased nature of Rusev towards her. She told the WWE Universe that Rusev never let her pursue her dream of being a model and was using her only to satisfy his own physical appetite. 

However, when Rusev began answering he was intervened by Bobby Lashley who he never let open his mouth at all and a brawl followed on that episode of Raw, where Bobby emerged victorious with some help from Lana but Rusev had successfully injured Bobby Lashley — the reason why he sent Drew McIntyre to face him on 4 November 2019 episode of WWE Raw. 

Also, the next week on 11 November 2019, Lana used a fake pregnancy claim to trick Rusev into being ambushed by Bobby Lashley and was mocked and booed by the fans all around the world. This was an incident when a divorce between the two was inevitable and was revealed on 18 November 2019 episode of Monday Night Raw. Now the things have again gone interesting and it is unlikely that WWE will let go of this storyline so soon.

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