Article Four of National Economic Reform’s Ten Articles of Confederation: Department of Defense



In no other time in the history of the United States has there ever been such a furor to cut the defense budget. The proposals that are being considered and are currently in place leaves this nation’s preparedness for any eventuality whether another terrorist attack or natural disaster anywhere American lives are at risk in serious jeopardy. Granted there are inlays within the defense budget that need to be either trimmed or eliminated all together but the pervasive attitude in Washington today by our illustrious Republicans is that budget cuts at all costs will save America. This is a very false and dangerous assumption. There are many factors that have contributed to the many worlds current unrests, and the unsettledness in the United States. Many of which are continually overlooked by not only the Republicans but the Democrats as well.

Ever since 9/11 when the Bush Administration decided to create another cabinet post “Homeland Security” in response to the attack on New York and Washington he inadvertently created a duplication of an already functioning cabinet post, the Department of Defense. But, with the implementation of National Economic Reform the Department of Homeland Security incorporates the reforms of Immigration which the Department of Homeland security is more suited for. This leaves the Department of Defense more capable to meeting the countries needs anywhere around the world. With the current budget cuts already on the table the Defense budget puts this countries national security at grave risk. And really won’t help this countries economic outlook either. We will no longer be able to meet the needs of our own country and that of so many other countries either.

For the past 40 years the population of the United States has grown by over 50 million people. Another more sobering figure is that within the past 40 years the American workforce has lost over 60 million jobs. The majority of lost jobs were middle class wage earners. In the past 60 years the only other time that the United States Federal budget almost equaled the tax revenue was from the 1950’s through the middle of the 1970’s. From 1974 till 2014 the tax revenue that is designated for the Federal Budget kept evaporating. This is because the policies from the middle 1970’s encouraged corporate foreign investment rather than domestic investment. Consequently, the United States has all but lost it’s available tax revenue to keep the Federal Budget some what aligned with their expenditures, including the Defense Department’s Class action lawsuit own budget. The problem at hand is that the Government doesn’t have a spending problem. What has occurred by bad government is an income crisis all across this country. Compounding this dilemma is that the tax structure in place heavily favors the top 1% of the wealthiest individuals which puts the bulk of the burden on the rest of Americans that are still fortunate to be employed and just as importantly still own their own homes.

The current situation details that our enormous annual budget deficit and the accumulated Federal debt are not the end result of the enormity of government and wild spending as so many Republicans are making everyone believe. Both are a direct result of unpaid expenditures due in most instances to the reduced levels of tax revenue coming in [ which by the way is a direct result of over 40 years of government sponsored policies that encouraged businesses to shed American jobs] and the money that was borrowed to pay interest on that borrowed money. In 2001 the United States under President Bush ushered in tax cuts for that top 5% of the population and reduced government oversight of the financial institutions and Wall Street which paved the way for the economic crisis that followed in 2008. The enormous economic toll financially pushed this nations debt even higher. Just to advert a more financial catastrophe that would have unfolded these financial institutions were bailed out leaving the United States precariously close to falling over that fiscal cliff.

To secure our nations national security in a world filled with so much insanity, insecurity and turmoil whether we will face again another Pearl Harbor or a 9/11 the ability of the United States to respond is paramount to preserving this nations future. What is needed now is to recognize the current defense budget, cut wasteful spending, cooperate with the Department of Homeland Security and reform our immigration policy. Together the end result would be a more efficient, cost constructive, and a more reliable Defense Department to meet the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s world. When we apply a policy of efficiency where any expenditures are dully recognized as prudent, cost effective, while maintaining the level of superiority that is so necessary for the success of our Armed Forces including our National Guard the Department of Defense will be able to respond anywhere the military is needed. All of this while taking care of our veterans the Department of Defense will be able to secure our nations national security today and for tomorrow.

As far back as 1792 President Washington realized that without a strong military our new nation would be not able to deal effectively with any national emergency. But, it took President Theodore Roosevelt to really put the United States on the international stage by again realizing that a strong military {remember that slogan Carry a Big Stick} is the greatest deterrent to any armed aggression. FDR again, realized that the United States had to win World War II and undertook what was necessary to have our military forces have all the available resources to ensure that the United States would end World War II successfully. President Reagan followed the lessons of his predecessors and made our Armed Forces the supreme military force in the world. It enable us to combat previous unchecked aggression any where in the world.

Today, with armed aggressions occurring simultaneously around the world amid a continued economic crisis right here in the United States with the defense budget cuts already being considered the success of winning the war on Terror and any other major conflicts won’t happen and will ultimately cost many more American lives. A lesson in futility as a result.. This is just reason enough why the United States must have the resources to maintain the worlds most efficient and superior military. To be able to respond to any contingency anywhere, to fully back up the United Nations response to any aggression, to defend this country against any man induced terror and to respond to any natural catastrophe that could unfold at any moment is the sole purpose why the Department of Defense is vital for this nation and the world. The consequences of not having our military without the resources available for any and all contingencies is a recipe for disaster.

To actually achieve and regain our tax base is to implement National Economic Reform. Ten Articles of Confederation that would generate the tax revenue by reforming policies, mandates, and laws that originally caused the mass exodus of American middle class jobs. Included is Infrastructure Redevelopment where a WPA type program focused to putting our young adults back in the work force. This age group has the highest unemployment rate across the country at over 25%. This is unacceptable for those who are between the ages of 18-30. Another factor to consider is to reinstate the military draft for all able bodied men and women 18-25 to serve two years service for their country. The argument against a military draft is that enough men and women are joining the Armed Forces any way. That may be true but, the real factor in this is that there are practically no other alternatives for employment outside of the military now and it has been this way for a very long time.

The sooner our illustrious conservative Republicans realize that the problem today is not big obtrusive government but disingenuous policies and bad judgements the sooner this country can get back to work. Granted the Defense Department needs reform but not to the point that the effectiveness, efficiency, and superiority are compromised. To cave in to the rhetoric today by slashing defense so drastically will actually cause more harm, loose American lives, and actually cost the United States more. This is the reason why National Economic Reform is so vital for the stability and security of the United States.

We have to consider that what began as a crusade following 9/11 has turned out to be almost a total dismal failure from the start. The strategy was ill planned, our armed forces were ill prepared and they still are, and our veterans are continuing to fall through societies cracks. The whole campaign in Afghanistan and Iraq gave way to ISIS, wasted billions of dollars, cost thousands of lives, and caused catastrophic damage to all involved. So far the United States has literally failed to achieve any kind of stability let alone any kind of victory. We lost focus on the objective. The United States has failed to remember that famous quote from General Douglas Mac Arthur ” There can be no substitute for total victory” and the resolve of FDR.

Complete elimination of all terrorists cells globally, while assisting nations in establishing stable governments and economies all through-out the Mid East including Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq and the rest of the world has to be one of the main objectives of the department of Defense. These objectives can be achieved not by the US alone but through a multinational coalition with the United Nations. The United States has been and still is ill prepared militarily and economically able to wage a successful military operation even with the UN. This is another reason why the defense budget needs more manpower and more financial support. A progression of preparedness has to be the focal point before any of our armed forces are ever sent in harms way.

Today, if the United States continues to remain on this current path and plan of direction in the Mid East, and now China and Russia with the Department of Defense as it is and our current foreign policies we will only escalate the turmoil and any kind of stability will never be accomplished. The question now is how then can the United States along with the rest of the Industrialized nations eliminate the global threat of terrorism and establish stability in the Mid-East and Asia while regaining every nations national security and stability?

The answers are not as undaunting as they seem. When World War II began America and our allies in Europe didn’t need any encouragement to increase the size of the military. More than enough people enlisted in the Armed Forces. It was perceived as an honor and a duty to serve. Today what has happened primarily because the way the whole Vietnam era was run our military is now perceived as not a duty or honor to serve ones country. Too much apathy and callous attitudes prevail and lingers in our society today. The United States has to educate all that acts of terrorism affect us all in one way or another. This country and the rest of the world will never be secure or stable until the threat of terrorism is eradicated from the face of the earth.

One of the first phases in accomplishing the objectives of establishing peace and stability starts with in the United States. Re-establishing the military draft is fundamental in increasing the size of our military to ensure this nation has the resources necessary to secure this country and at the same time be able to assist the coalition in the success of eliminating global terrorism and establishing stability through-out the world. The next step involves the United Nations and the rest of all the other Industrialized countries. Each member of the United Nations has to realize that the United States undertook and picked up the gauntlet of trying to rid the world of terrorism, while hoping to establish democracy in those countries that have been deprived of such. Only when all are involved with the singular purpose toward achieving the objective that was undertaken will a complete victory be attained.

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