Before repairing or remodeling the property on rent, review your contract



It is important that any detail be stipulated in the lease, so that from the beginning the responsibility of each party is defined. Repairing or remodeling a rented property is one of the main problems between tenants and tenants, since, depending on the problem, you must determine and define who should cover the repair and its cost.

However, according to specialists, it is important that any type of details is stipulated in the lease, so that from the beginning the responsibility of each party is delimited.

When is after a property for rent in Dubai, the obligations and responsibilities of both parties must always be specified within the contract before, during and after the stay.

The contract will always be the most important tool and although there may be certain verbal agreements, the ideal is that everything that is discussed is reflected in this document so that there is a correct coexistence.

One of the main frictions between landlords and tenants is who should pay the expenses in case of an accident, so he stressed that any responsibility should be consulted based on the contractual clauses of the leasing contract.

The deterioration of a property is due to many factors ranging from the age of the same, structural damage, lack of maintenance and the misuse of its inhabitants.

In the event that the deterioration was the fault of the tenant, operations manager emphasized that resources are obtained from the security deposit made at the beginning of the rental of the home.

If the owner finds that there is damage, he completely or partially withdraws the security deposit that will be used to cover damage expenses. This can generate friction at the end of the lease.

A point to consider is the type of damage caused by the tenant, it can be an oversight or accident, or be part of the normal deterioration of the home.

In the case of the age of the house, the manager commented that it will depend on the type of damage and with this it is determined if they can negotiate to fix the damage or if the tenant is exempt from paying, so the repairs will run by the owner.

Sometimes it happens that if it is the responsibility of both parties: that the infrastructure was old and that the tenant when doing a remodeling would affect that damage more, but an agreement can be reached in percentages.

The problems of drainage and pipes are the most common in the rental of a home, but that in the majority they are due to the age of the same. Secondly, there are damages to the perforation of walls for placement of paintings and shelves, thirdly damages in the kitchen due to the cochambre that accumulates in the stoves or in the hood and problems in the floor due to a bad cleaning in the room place.

An important point at the end of the lease term and if there was any type of damage, is to validate the conditions in which he first received it and how he delivers it.

It is important that the tenant take photographs before occupying the house, so that it serves as a photographic record that serves as witnesses of the damage or deterioration prior to his arrival, so that in the end a comparison can be made of how he received it and how he delivers it.

In the event that the tenant wants to make a remodeling or replacement of a device, he must first notify the owner, who will authorize or not any modification and is aware of any damage that could happen through these movements.

Once the lease contract is signed, the clauses must be stipulated on which areas of the house require some improvement and which is the budget agreement to be able to solve this type of improvement

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