Best productivity & time tracking apps in 2020



Time management is a skill that everyone can not be good at it. Some people just can’t master it, doesn’t matter how hard they try. To help them out, we have gathered some of the best time monitoring software and productivity applications that have been proven to be very helpful in daily routine.


Launched in 2006 Harvest aimed to target large companies, small businesses, and even freelancers. Their top priorities are transparency, innovation and above all listening to customers’ needs. Harvest offers a time tracking solution with an add on of invoicing. 

Their best features are time tracking and expense management, team overview, visual reports, invoicing modules and scheduling.  

Google Keep

Keeping notes is an essential task to keep up productivity. Launched in March 2013, Google-keep takes over every other note-taking service application. It allows you to make notes digitally and sync them with your other devices including tablets, desktops, and mobile devices. We all know how easy it is sharing documents with Google. The same is the case with Google-Keep. 

If you need to share notes on your latest projects and add a meeting agenda with your team, you can easily share google notes with team members and have their suggestions on it. 


Stafftimer Ltd. was incorporated in June 2018, with the intent to provide next-generation time tracking and employee monitoring solutions. 

it is an employee time tracking software that allows employers to remotely monitor teams. It offers live timesheets and intelligent reports to streamline workflow through screenshots at regular intervals. Also provide daily video & image logs, and task assignments through voice clips.


Developed by CloudMagic, Newton is a mail management application. It supports a number of platforms which include iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Chrome OS. it combines all your email accounts in one place, syncing them all together. This application is widely known for its interface and cross-platform capabilities with its advanced search potential. 

Newton has also been referred to as an email client better than Gmail’s native application.  


When it comes to remote work culture, toggl takes the prize. The best thing about toggl is that occasionally, they fly to different cities around the world to meet their users in person and get their opinions on how they can improve toggl’s user experience.

Top features offered by toggl are visual reports, team overview, and insights on what project or employee is bringing the most.

Escape 2

If you spend 1 hour a day on social media, every day, that’s 45 working days a year.


Spending 10-15 minutes on social media doesn’t seem a big deal. Escape 2 helps you get a much clearer view of it. It is a utility that runs in the background and keeps count of how many times you visited which site and how much time you spent on each of it. With its FocusList feature, it helps you to track down distractions that you can avoid to achieve utter productivity. 


Hubstaff started in 2013 as a tool to manage a small team of remote workers. Today they exceeded over 8,000 agencies and freelancers helping them with their daily tasks. Their main purpose is customer satisfaction. Hubstaff is also offering a free market place named Hubstaff talent to connect freelancers and employers. Their most known features are screenshots and activity rates, team dashboards and scheduler which informs employers by email if any of their employees is late or absent. 


Pop up ads and other notification alerts make it really hard to keep the focus on work, especially while working on the internet. Momentum is a browser extension that shows the dashboard instead of the default new tab page. It also helps you to keep the focus on what you are doing until you get it done and keeps on popping up a reminder as soon as you switch tab telling you to stay on track. 

Time Doctor

TimeDoctor is Software as a service (SaaS) application. It was accessed online via subscription instead of being bought and installed on individual devices. Developed by, around 2012 this web application was promoted to a desktop and mobile application. TimeDoctor itself has employees spread over 23 countries to provide diversity and various ideas. That’s why they mainly focus on customers who are building distributed teams across the globe.    


One of their key features is payroll, which allows the employer to pay their employees based on their tracked time or fixed salaries. Giving an employer the freedom to customize matched currencies and financial regulations. And also offers payment methods like PayPal, Payoneer, and many other methods of choice.


Like any other keyboard add on, Gboard is a keyboard developed by Google for iOS and Android devices. Debuting in May 2016 this keyboard stands out because it is integrated with Google Search Engine, which makes it as much easier to search and type at the same time.

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