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The deal with the 6 new guns in Advanced Warfare is that you have to find a variant in a supply drop to get the base gun. A lot of people have been annoyed by this but if you put in time, effort, or cash into this game you’ll have them in no time. In Advanced Warfare, we have seen many variants of our favorite guns being found in supply drops, by ourselves, YouTubers, or friends. Here is a list of the best variants in the game so far, and make sure to leave a comment if you feel this list is incorrect.

Call Of Duty

1. STG44 Elite – Iron Claw (New Gun only available in Supply Drops)

Some people may say, what is this thing doing at no.1, but believe me, this gun is an absolute monster. Cruise through your games getting 30 kills on average in a bad match, and have matches with 50+ kills. This gun is best with Red Dot Sight, Fore Grip and Extended Mags/Advanced Rifling. Plough through those enemy noobs with this beast, which is best on Bio-Lab, but it is brilliant on most maps except those crappy ones that nobody likes.

2. AK12 Elite – R.I.P

When you close your eyes, hear the sound of “Elite” and open them to find this, you will be JUMPING with joy. This gun has had so much hype over it all over youtube and the forums and everything. This gun is an absolute beast if your accuracy is on point, and you do not boost happy. Aiming around corners and being cautious is always good. The main feature of this gun is that it has absolutely NO recoil at all, and it is a 4 SHOT KILL from ANY range. This gun is amazing. Use quickdraw, stock, and extended mags. Whatever you do don’t use fore grip since it has no recoil it ruins the gun if you use it.

3. ASM1 Elite – Speakeasy

From gunstreaks to hip firing, this submachine gun is at the level of the Iron Claw and the RIP. Don’t be afraid to boost around corners at top speed, because with this thing hip firing is not a problem. This gun has such amazing fire rate and accuracy that you can hip fire so easily and get all the attachments in just a few games. That’s right if you’re going well with this you will have all the attachments in absolutely no time. Use advanced rifling and foregrip on this gun.

4. AK-47 Legendary – Grave Digger (New GUN not variant only available in supple drops)

I don’t have this gun, but on Greenland, I picked this monster up and got myself a few warbirds. This gun is also a monster, equal with the AK Rip. Use Red Dot Sight, Fore Grip, and Extended Mags for the attachments.

5. HBRa3 Elite – Insanity

I wanted to put this at 1 or 2 but it would be incorrect sadly because there are new guns in town. This gun is my personal favorite, because on one of my very first games I went 41-5 on Solar with it, making it my favorite. All of no. 2-5 are equally good, but the STG44 stands out hitting it at number 1. For the attachments on this insane beast use Stock, Fore Grip, and QuickDraw. This will get you amazing gameplay Pubg mobile apk to share or just for yourself, but don’t worry about the iron sights, learn to like them, I have.
Call Of Duty

That’s the end of my Top 5 variants for COD: AW, now onto the new LEGENDARY guns.

The new legendary guns and the new STG Iron Claw have proved to be monsters. The new guns came in 2 releases, and they were:

  • STG44 Assault Rifle – Legendary Variant – Relic
  • SVO Sniper Rifle – Legendary Variant – Return To Sender
  • Blunderbuss Shotgun – Legendary Variant – Dragon Fire
  • AK-47 Assault Rifle – Legendary Variant – Grave Digger
  • M16 Burst Assault Rifle – Legendary Variant – War Pig
  • Cel-3 Cauteriser Shotgun – Legendary Variant – Infected (I luckily own this beast)

Next time I will show a top 10 base gun list and all the new Legendary Variant details.

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