Christening Ceremony and Christening Gifts



Christening is the christian ceremony of baptism, usually for little children including infants. The process is preceded by a church leader such as a catholic priest of a protestant pastor. The ceremony is usually attended by close relatives and friends of the parent of the child being baptized. The friends and relatives present christening gifts to the child being baptized to honor the induction of the child to the religion. The ceremony protocol differs with different christian denominations.

How to Arrange a Christening Ceremony for Your Child

If you have a child that you would like to have a christene barberich for, then the tips below may guide you as you make arrangements.

Consult With a Church Leader

Since the process of christening differs with different religion sections, the first step to having the ceremony is seeking advise from your church leader. You may seek an appointment with your pastor, priest or a church elder you are close to. Find out what the ceremony entails and what you need. Find out if there are specific christening presents you require as the parent. Identify an ideal ceremony date and agree with the church leader who will precede the christening. Once you have gotten the details and have agreed on the date for the ceremony, then you can start on the arrangements.

God Father and God Mother

In most ceremonies, one is required to have a god father for the boy or a god mother for the girl being baptized. Usually, you can pick out a friend to stand in this positions. You may also choose a person you believe has significant spirituality and you would like your child to get inspiration from. Once you have identified the person, you will need to request the person to take the position. Brief the person on what is required from them for the ceremony. You can also guide them in the selection of christening gifts to present to the child on the day of the ceremony. Christening presents can be identified in most kids shops or you can seek ideas from christening gifts websites.


Once you have confirmed with the god father or god mother, you can proceed and get the invitations. Think through your friends and relatives and come up with a list of the people you would like to have for the ceremony. You can prepare invitation cards to send to those you want invited. You can also invite them with an email or e-card. You may also choose to indicate the christening presents wish-list or direct them to a christening gifts register with your preferred shop or christening gifts website.

Preparations for the Day

After sending out the invitations and getting confirmations, you can proceed to arrange for the details of the day. You can have a catering company to prepare the food or snacks to be taken after the ceremony. Prepare the seats and have a seating arrangements for the visitors and also for the priest and church leaders. You can pick out some music to accompany the ceremony.

Purchase Your Christening Gifts

Once you are through with all the arrangements, you will need to pick out your christening gifts for your child. The christening presents are usually an important part of the ceremony and they are given as a memorial of the event. Christening gifts can include a picture frame to place the ceremony picture, a bible, a bracelet, a chain with a christian message pendant or an artistic cross with personalized messages.

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