Everything You Need to Know About Work From Home Online Data Entry Jobs



Before we begin, let me make one thing clear: You will not “get rich quick” doing this. Working full time you will probably make only $200-$300 per day. If you don’t know what you are doing, probably even less. This is not bad money. I have made a living doing just this for almost 6 months, but do not disillusion yourself with fantasies of making thousands of dollars by sitting at your computer surfing the internet.

An introduction to data entry: What is it? Why are people paid to do it?

In the high-tech world of today, data is an integral part of our daily lives. Since computers were first created, data entry has been important in collecting and presenting information. Data entry is the act of transcribing some form of data into an online document, database, program, etc. It can be a time consuming and tedious task that is often outsourced to save time and money. As you can see, this gives legal data entry a fairly broad definition.

Tasks that can be considered data entry include but are not limited to:

Document Data Recording
Input Data Capturing
Data Research Account creation
Blogs and website management
CPA manual reply management
Craigslist/Backpage Ad creation
CRM Management (TrackVia, SugarCRM, salesforce.com, Infusion, Relenta, etc.)
Database Management
Typing Projects & Word Processing
Internet Research
Pay Per Click Marketing
Social bookmarking
Social Networking Account Management (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.)

If you have no idea what any of this stuff is don’t worry. Most of these are very simple tasks and most jobs don’t require prior experience. The most beneficial skill you can start with is being able to type quickly.

Data Entry Companies:

Since the need for data entry has arisen, many companies have popped up that offer these jobs where you can work from home and make “lots of money.” Unfortunately, many of these businesses are scams. Before we delve into that though I will explain the business model of the data entry company. The tasks are usually very simple, but also boring enough that someone is willing to pay someone else to do them. Oftentimes freelance workers searching for data entry jobs spend as much time searching for the job as actually doing them. Additionally, sometimes the people they are working for try to rip them off.

These were the two main contributing factors to the rise of data entry companies. These companies act as middlemen, hiring workers willing to do tasks and finding people who had tasks that needed to be completed. They were then able to supply workers with a constant stream of work and managed the compensation so that the workers did not have to worry about getting ripped off by their employers. Over time, these companies evolved to provide training to employees and software to make data entry easier.

Scams to Watch out for:

Unfortunately, the vast majority of work at home companies are “scams.” For instance, some companies will provide you with a kit that explains what data entry is, but then will not offer you any jobs. Any company that wants you to pay up front for a kit is a company that you should be wary of. However, many legitimate companies also make you pay a processing fee up front. For this reason, it can be difficult to discern between scams and legitimate business opportunities. My best advice is to search the name of the company in Google before signing up and see what kind of results you get. If the company is a scam, 99% of the time the first or second result will be someone complaining about how they got ripped off.

My Advice:

Data entry can be a tedious task but it is also an in demand job that lets you work from home. I work with Global Data Entry, a division of My Data Team. It is a great, legitimate company that offers hundreds of job opportunities each day. You can learn more about them or sign up at globaldataentry.net They require a one time processing fee of $99, but if you are serious about making money with data entry you should definitely join the team. They provide tons of helpful guides and software to automate a lot of the tedious tasks. The software alone is sold for almost $300 on other websites, so you are definitely getting a bargain. If don’t want to join because you are unsure if you will stick with it, you should try to find tasks entering data on freelance websites. These jobs typically aren’t as high paying and are usually only 1-2 hours of work, but they can give you a greater sense of what the work involves.

My biggest piece of advice is STICK WITH IT. If you are anything like me, you will have no idea what you are doing the first few days. This is fine. You may get frustrated because you are not making a lot of money. This is normal. After you have been working entering data for a couple of days, things will begin to “click” for you. You will be making $100-$200 a day in no time. Learn to use the software that Global Data Entry provides and you will be able to automate a lot of this process, saving you time.

If you want to make a full time living doing data entry, I applaud you. My advice in that case is to definitely sign up with a reputable company like Global Data Entry and master the software they provide. Additionally, you can earn even more money if you increase your typing skills or learn a specialty like medical transcription.

Most Importantly:

You won’t make any money sitting at your computer reading articles. Now that you know a bit about what data entry involves, put your knowledge into action. Get a job as a freelancer, sign up at globaldataentry.net, start honing your typing skills, do something! The world is your oyster. Six months ago, I had no idea what data entry was. Today, it makes me around $300 a day with a few hours of work. Six months from now you could be making even more.


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