Flowers and the Chinese



The Chinese are known for Feng Shui, an aesthetic system employing laws of heaven and earth to improve one’s life. But do you know that flowers are employed in Feng Shui as they are believed to attract good fortune and success? The reason is that flowers specifically healthy flowering plants are perceived as manifesting good Chi, or energy.

Just like other cultures, Chinese use flower as symbols for many occasions, in this case, Chinese use flowers as embodiment of flourishing flow of strong energy that invite growth, accomplishment and new flourishing starts. They are also seen as symbols of perfection, love, grace, adoration, unity and beauty.

Here are some flowers and their Chinese meanings:

Chrysanthemum when given as gifts stands for a convenient and peaceful life. This kind of Toko Bunga Serpong is a favorite offering on Buddhists’ altars. Chrysanthemum is said to invite good luck at home as it is symbolic of powerful Yang energy.

Citron also dubbed as Buddha’s hand represents luck and happiness. The finger-shaped citron gain its title as Buddha’s hand since the shape of its petals remind of the upturned fingers when Buddha is in a meditative position.

Hydrangea signifies gratitude, love and enlightenment. The Chinese regard the abundance of its beautiful petals as a way to enlightenment since one can get lost observing its petals and then eventually getting lost in your thoughts will take you to a higher level of thinking until you reach enlightenment. Hydrangea’s versatility and beauty makes it a perfect gift for appreciation to the people who made a difference in our lives.

Lotus for Buddhist is known as representing the holy seat of the Buddha. It is a symbol of purity and perfection.

Narcissus flower for Chinese is a symbol of unraveling one’s hidden talents. It is known for boosting diligence exerted into careers and thus guaranteeing advancing in one’s career. This makes narcissus an excellent gift for someone who wants to be promoted.

Orchids in the Chinese culture stand for fertility. This flower is said to foster many children. It also symbolizes abundance, growth and perfection. It is said that once we meditate on the beauty of this flower, we will be able to allow prosperity into our lives.

Peony is regarded as one of the finest flowers as it stand for nobility and values. The popularity of this flower can be traced back to Sui and Tang dynasties and it was during these times that it gained its title as the “king of flowers”.


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