How to Wrap a Gift Step by Step?



Gifts are an impressive and outstanding way to express love and affection towards others. It is a traditional way to make someone feel special about a certain event. It may be a birthday, anniversary, wedding, engagement, promotion or holidays season as well. While giving gifts to someone, it is important to pack it well into wrap boxes. It not only a good way but also improve the presentation. In a general phenomenon about presenting gifts is related to the wrapping. Good and attractive packing can improve the worth of a present. 

As we know, the holiday season is near and about to strike everyone’s door. Giving gifts to each other is a traditional way to interact with each other and share happiness. As the season of gifts arrives the demand for custom wrap boxes also raise. In the market, there are multiple materials available for the wrapping and presenting gifts. Wrapping a gift is not a technical thing; it is quite easy, and anyone can do it quickly. 

Material required for the gift wrapping 

The purpose of wrapping my box is to improve the presentation. In the market, multiple wrapping papers are available that are printed with the theme as well. You can select the relevant theme paper for the relevant occasion to wrap and present the gift. Another important thing is related to the add on material like ribbons, wrapping paper, a note hanging or a card, and many other things that can make your boxes attractive and inspiring.

Following material, you should have for the gift wrap boxes:

  • Wrapping sheets complemented with the time of occasion and theme. 
  • Scissor and blade for cutting
  • Adhesive material 
  • Ribbons and flower decoration
  • Scale 

Why need to wrap a gift?

No matter how expensive and less expensive your present is, the way you will present is definitely worth it. The trends of custom packaging change our life, whether it is product packaging, wholesale packaging or gift wrapping. People want to go out of the box in their selection to only improve the outlook. It is a way to make someone feel more special about it. This increasing trend raises the demand for gift wrap boxes wholesale. You can buy the box that is already wrapped good and just put your item into it and ready to go.

They are available in different sizes, color combinations and designs that provide a wide variety of selection. As Christmas is coming this will raise demand for customizing gift packing in contrast with the event. 

Steps to wrap a gift 

It is easy to buy a wrapped box from the market for your gift, but it will cost a bit high. But if you do it by yourself, this will defiantly reduce the cost and look more graceful. All you need is to collect the raw material, and by following the simple steps, your gift box is ready for presentation.

Here are steps to wrap a gift attractively:

  • Set the required material – the first step in gift wrapping is to collect the material necessary for wrapping. It includes wrapping sheet, scissors, tape, and any material for decoration if needed. Assemble the entire thing at a clean table. And most importantly get your gift that needs to wrap. If your item that you are going to wrap is breakable, then put it in a box and close the box with tape before wrapping.
  • Get the measurement –place the wrapping paper on a table and measure the required area that covers the box completely. You can do it by putting the box on the white area of the paper and wrap it to get an accurate measurement. Remove the extra sheet and set the paper which is enough for wrapping.
  • Make a fine fold – after measurement put the box on the white surface of the sheet and start wrapping. Overlap the paper on to each other and make sure it tightly covers the box before putting the tape. Make the first fold around a box and attach tape, now overlap other and stick with tape. Now done the sides.
  • Put ribbon and accessories – when the folds are done now put the ribbon of contract color with your wrapping sheet and place it with tape on the front. It will give a final touch, and your gift is wrapped to present.

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