In 2019 What Was The Most Preferable Box Designs Liked By The Customers?


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The dynamic and unique custom boxes design and printing grab the attention of your product by making it distinctive and appealing. From natural to ethereal and bold to fantastic, our designers and experts provide you with the best design and packaging solution that wonderfully reflect your product and brand at the same time. Get beautiful and impressive box design, printing and packaging answer from the experts. The packaging industry is advancing as new inventions are revolutionizing the world. Therefore, the box designing and printing companies are coming up with new designs and ideas to give brands a unique identity through excellent product packaging and designs. So, creating an eye catching-catching packaging is not only a need, but it should also be practical and biodegradable as these have become demanding features by the consumers. That’s why the experts focus more on unique box design and practicality of product packaging to help brands stand out from rest. No doubt it is challenging, but in 2019, the brands come up with beautiful packaging designs and innovative ideas that draw attention and boost sales. So it is not wrong if you say 2019 is an excellent year for the packaging industry. Here are some of the most preferred box designs liked by the customers.

Custom Box Designing And Printing

This year custom packaging and designing remain appealing to customers. Brands focus on custom and clear-cut designing that can give precise product detail and brand identity to the masses. All the brands choose custom boxes designs because they are appealing as well as consumers have not enough time to inbox a blank white box to check what is inside.

Sleek And Simple Designs

Besides the shiny packaging explaining the product in detail, some impressive and straightforward designs detailing some essentials won the competition this year. Because consumers have not enough time to read and check every aspect of the product in this fast-paced world. Organic Pure is a leading name in beauty products that chose a straightforward and minimalist packaging design. It looks natural and unique while making it appealing to the customers.

Bold And Playful Designs

When there are many products are on one shelf, then playful and bold box designs catch the eye of the customers, especially for interactive products such as cosmetics. Popular beauty brands and foodie companies have chosen vibrant colors and minor details to create dynamic custom boxes. Such designs evoke emotions and influence the purchasing power of the consumers. Differentiating the different flavors and skincare products of the same family with colors is a great way to make it easy for the customers to remember and identify the product which they used.

Distinctive Shapes And Box Designs

Dynamic and unique box designing and printing were also most liked by the customers in 2019. Some, chic designs, funky colors, odd shapes and 3D designing are the most popular approaches that help brands to catch the eye of the consumers and set aside from the rest. Using gold and silver foiling, matte finishing and emboss printing for highlighting the brand name or product name is a meaningful way to grab the attention of the passerby.

Packaging With A New Visual Identity

Making the product visible through the window is a great way to inspire customers and stop them on their way and have a look at the outcome. Beehives and other food companies are using die-cut window packaging designs having their logo and brand name to make a new visual identity for the cookies, biscuits and food items. Simply a transparent jar containing cookies and flyer displaying logo and brand is a perfect packaging design reflecting the product as well as creating a new visual identity.

Vintage Packaging Design 

Yes, old packaging design is still popular as always. The designers and packaging suppliers find new ways to incorporate old models in modern packaging designs and trends. The great thing about vintage boxes design is that it increases the charm by adding the touch of the original era while making it trendy at the same time. Barn Door, Jackson Pollock, New Sheridan Parlor and John & Kari’s are some of the famous vintage box designs and packaging.

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