Meditation and the Aura of Scented Oils



Sensory Therapy
Just as the body requires rest and relaxation, the five senses also require personal attention. When stress and chaotic daily routines drain personal resources, it’s time to be good to yourself. Reverse the axiom from “Do Unto Others” to “Do Unto Yourself”. Learning to treat yourself as you do others is the first step in healing battered senses. Identify those moments that bring the deepest awareness of self and expand upon them. No week should ever pass without a special part that allows the individual to be good to themselves through practices that bring about sensory therapy.

Creating Sensory Therapy
Certain scents have the ability to create the aura of tranquility. minyak telon and scented candles should be part of sensory therapy. Surround yourself with scented oils like vanilla, lavender, orchid and other exotic fragrances. Take advantage of bath time with a scented candle and a warm, relaxing soak. Nothing is as restorative as a half hour in the glow of a scented candle while bathing.

It’s long been known that particular aromas are beneficial to sensory well-being. Using fragrant scents to produce the desired realm of calm that soothe the senses is an experience in aromatherapy that should also be part of regular practiced meditation. Oriental cultures have relied upon incense as a means of developing the meditation experience.

Thoughts travel through the stream of consciousness faster than the speed of sound and in such volume that it often feels as if that voice in one’s head is unnecessarily verbose. Meditation is like an electrical short-circuit. Meditation helps reduce mental verbosity in the thought processes by the simple act of relentless and unyielding focus.

To meditate properly, the body must be in a relaxed position, either lying on one’s back, in a modified yoga Lotus position or standing with feet 6-12 inches apart and weight evenly divided. Focus on breathing. Begin to breathe rhythmically. For the mental process to be of particular value, the mind must be turned off from all external distractions. This means focusing on a single vision for a prolonged period of time. Many people choose to envision a beautiful flower, waterfall, or a favorite color. Meditation doesn’t need to be prolonged. Meditating daily for 15 minutes is beneficial to maintaining tranquility.

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