Online Spanish Programs – Are They Worth It?



When making the decision to study Spanish through online Spanish programs as opposed to in a traditional classroom, there are a number of pros and cons to consider.


There are numerous advantages and benefits that studying through online Spanish programs offers versus studying Spanish in a traditional classroom:

  1. You are free to study from any location in the entire world where you have access to a high-speed Internet connection. You are not bound to a physical classroom location.
  2. You are free to study at any time of day, any day of the week that you are able to get online to the Internet. You are not bound to a specific schedule or time slot.
  3. You are free to study Spanish online at your own pace. Because the online lessons are not bound by time, you can take and retake and skip around each lesson as often as you like and at whatever pace you would like. If you would like to study the entire online Spanish course in one week, you can. Or if you want to go slowly and study over the course of an entire year, you can. It’s up to you, as an online course is designed to fit your personal schedule.
  4. You can get access to multimedia presentations and interactive online video games as part of your online course materials. Hours and hours of audio presentations as well as video presentations make the process of learning Spanish fun, engaging, and interactive. Video slot online, in particular, can be effective study aids, by reinforcing the concepts you are learning, through play.
  5. You do not need to pay for textbooks that you would need to carry with you. All of the course materials are contained electronically online or can be downloaded directly to your computer, which you can then optionally print out to a printer if desired.
  6. Online Spanish programs are much more cost-effective than taking the equivalent course in a traditional classroom. For a traditional classroom, your costs are high because they must include textbooks, taxes, the teacher’s salary, and the cost of maintaining the building, plus various other administrative costs. For an online study course, you are merely paying for login access to the Internet website which hosts the course.



There are also some disadvantages to consider when choosing whether or not to study online Spanish programs versus in a traditional classroom:

  1. You are losing the benefit of face-to-face human social interaction. You are losing the “human element” to the learning process. You would not be able to practice your Spanish with your peers in the classroom.
  2. You are losing the benefit of a live professor to whom you can ask questions if you have difficulty understanding the concepts. You would be entirely on your own to understand the material in the online course.
  3. You would not the have benefit of access to tangible textbooks which make it possible to study Spanish “offline”. You would always be required to connect to the Internet or log onto a computer to access your course materials. You cannot be truly portable, unless you have a wireless Internet laptop.
  4. You lose the element of accountability. Though having the freedom to study at your own pace has its advantages, you are not accountable to finish the course, so if you lack the discipline to study on your own, a traditional classroom can provide that structure and discipline.


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