Passionate Love Affair or Obsessive Fear of Love?



I will start by pulling the roots or in linguistic terms; trace the etymology of a word. Obsession comes from the 1500’s French and Latin roots and cumulatively means, “Action of besieging; taking over; hostile and evil spirit; siege; block and mind controller.” Obsession is a very smart dis-ease state because it uses energy to drain others, leaving its victim with nothing to transform the tragedy of their poetic words into acts of protest. Similar states, but with subtle differences:

1. Narcissism which is the obsession with self. 2. Possession which is the obsessive war against self.

The word Passion from the old Latin word Pati-to suffer. Yet, dig 5000 years earlier until you hit the branch of the Proto-Indo language and you will find passion was as Pei which means to hurt within for love of all and to sacrifice all for love. Older still, we find the genesis of the word in the Passion Plays of Ancient Egypt. And still I am going to take you to my roots. Passion Plays originated in Ancient Egypt. The alchemy of the letters are now stirred by the performers of life with the breast milk of Waset-jret, meaning, She who bears the eye of Ra with the ritual art of passion.

By the time we move forward from Ra to Jesus, we behold that he who bears to burden (cross) of humanity is called the “Passion of Christ.” Today passion means the ability to bear and endure pain and to feel the hurt of the body of humanity.

Passion without Purpose is Obsession; Passion with Purpose is a Calling. Passion is when you are not owned by your emotions and thoughts. You are able to strike with precision, awareness and relentless drive that energizes you. ペアーズ セフレ is a slave to emotions and thoughts. It is also relentless but it is not precise. It is fearful. Passion brings objects and ideas to life; obsession turns people into objects rendering them paranoid. Passion inspires and obsession diminishes.

And herein lies the biggest difference: Obsession lacks discipline. Discipline is the CONSCIOUS CHOICE on where your focus will rest. Obsession is an addict without the pill but hypnotized by anything outside of himself that will make him whole. There is a saying in my language, loosely translated, “His eyes are out,” meaning he is superficial and desperate to see anything he craves with 2 eyes that he never learns the art of seeing with the 1 eye. So he will use people, places and things with abandon. It is tricky because it feels like passion but it is the spirit of every addiction. You will feel turned out, turned on and center of his/her world, but you are a drug he uses to sleep. Passion is the flame turned on and up to keep you awake.

Obsession leads you to enter the darkness like some played out Bonnie and Clyde ride. You are ridden until the reptilian brain of extremism in you is triggered. You will do things and act ways that don’t seem like you. Oh, but they are you. The you who was taught to strap a gun, before you have learned how to wear your purpose. That is why you shoot yourself in the foot. You have no path to place your foot in so you stick you bleeding foot in your mouth and call it wine and victory because you did not die. Yet, to die means you lived and an obsessed person is a phantom lingering and stalking the shadow of people’s shadows. Wake up, as shadows are small. The land of giants is embedded with purpose.

That purpose will change, but it should ALWAYS be bigger than your shadow. Rarely does our culture ask: What is your purpose in life? If they do the answer is career, wife, money etc… Purpose is so much deeper than that. The careers, wives and homes can change; the money can come and go; even your kids become adults and leave; but the purpose is the consistent thread that runs through everything.

Now the tangible. The discipline. You can either respect your purpose or address the fear that is stopping you from respecting it. For now, start here. In Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers we find the 10,000 hour rule. Genius is common, but mastery requires you spend at least 10,000 hours on your passion. Genius becomes insanity without the implementation of passion’s ritual. Now, go back up and reread what I shared about ritual/passion in Ancient Egypt.

Every martial artist and monk is ritualized. They are aware and can explain the mystic dimension of why each gesture is used and still open up like a fractal lotus and see what only the ritual of passion can expose. And they do it over and over again until they not only master it; but until it becomes their holy ground. The space that only the sacred of beings may enter. Why do you think monasteries are hard to reach? Sacred knowledge even more so. They are still and silent in a world snagged by every net on the willow’s web.

The flip side of ritual is habit a word that comes from what nuns wore. They would wear the same outfit every day without thought until it was habitualized into an addiction and then eventually normalized into the illusion.

Passion is not normal. It is extraordinary. An eagle soars high and when it dies; it falls. Normal. A phoenix though explodes and crashes on to the ground where it incinerates into dust. The difference between an eagle and phoenix? From the ashes of purpose, the phoenix learns how to master its flames and rises, turning fire that killed it into a disciplined flame that stuns nature as even she is perplexed how passion found purpose for her fiery wild child. The eagle flew out of habit; but the phoenix flies out of passion. Not even death clips its wings.


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