10 Common Problems of Laser Printer with A Water Cooler Solution



Laser printers are the same product as other electronic devices. In spite of all the care and maintaining the standard process, the best all of product will have their share of performance issues. Here are some of the most common problems which are facing all in one laser printer. In this content, I will share with you the top 10 common problems of a laser printer and describes how to handle your laser printer smoothly. Read the full review and know more about a laser printer.



Troubleshooting with hardware issues

Before turned on your printer you need to make sure the laser printer plugged in. Now it is ready to print but if you see any error lights then visit the printer manually or you can go online to know the error means. You can also check the internal test page if the internal test page cannot print out then turn off your printer. Now you should carefully out the toner cartridge and reinserting this cartridge and then try printing the test page one more time. In this case, your laser printer still has a problem now you can contact with a technician.

Black and white images have colors or hints of color

Obviously, you should know that best laser printer [color] has the turning off option when you printing black and white documents you need to off the color. It is really astonished that, if you turned off your color this printer will produce very improvised prints even for black and white images. The reason is color laser printer delivers a high-quality document by using all colors. There may be another factor as well the ink or toner cartridge. It probably occurred when it will feel the lack of color. So you will have to need to remove the lacking ink or toner and clean the printer and replace it with a new one.

Software Problems:

It is one of the most difficult problems to solve printer software issues. Before contact with a technician, at first you need to make sure that the drivers installed are correct. If your printer drivers are installed properly, you need to uninstall your printer and disconnected from all and then reinstall all drivers. Now I think your printer will free from an issue.

Check the Basics

 If you think you have been a problem with your printer and cannot find any solution mentioned above are applicable to your problem, just check the basics. Keep it in mind that the printer has a power server which is connected with computer. You need to, again and again check that there is a paper in paper tray and it put out properly. Once in a while, you can get the fiddle with paper, out this safely and resolve your problem.

Prints Only a Half Page:

It is not an easy issue rather than a very crucial problem. Many wrong things can occur an only a half of the page printing out. Initially, you should need to unplugged the printer then turn off your PC and restart both devices at the same time. Now you can be run a self-test page. If it doesn’t fail or don’t see an error lights on your printer, it can print normally. But if you face the additional error lights then you should search the web and know the full details of error light. It may be the problem of the toner cartridge or drum unit.  Usually, the error message should come up with an explanation of the exact issue.  The better is you should search for the error message online to get an in-depth explanation.

Vertical lines are jagged

In this modern age, most of the printer manufacturing companies are adjusted the printer utility tool which allows users to troubleshoot various issues. The jagged verticle lines issues will one of them. It is a very poor system that the printer head has no alignment. Most of the printer are feeling the lack of realigned. We think the printer utility should include an option for correcting this.

Colors are missing

After depth research, we have seen that there is a lot of reason for missing color from the printer. Initially, you should need to check toner cartridge, if it is finished you need to include new. In case the toner cartridge is full, you need to check the clogged nozzle. Now your printer can be printed with color.


It is a really hard and boring task to clean up the dust from your printer but very important in order to avoid potential problems.If you take care of the equipment and clean up the workspace you should not face problems. You need to wipe the surfaces down with a lint-free cloth. If the printer paper feed is not enclosed, brush away the dust made for your computer surfaces.  Most commonly the art quality papers, attract more dust than normal paper so it is especially important to clean prior to use with this type of paper.

 Missing Characters

The missing character is not the issue with the printer itself, but with the format of the file being printed. When the printer will produce printing with a True Type font, the fonts can be selected to print as graphics. This setting will provide the main causes of missing characters. First, you should check that which font style is available Normal or True font type. It is not a factor which version of Microsoft Office that you have you can go to the Setup for the printer and select the options button.  Just select the Print font as graphics and then click ok. The missing character should now available without any issue.

Standing by ON/OFF to resume

Sometimes the laser printers have provided a massage that says “Standing by ON/OFF to resume” which means the machine is going into Save mode. If you push the Save or Off mode, the display will turn black and shut off. You need to turn the machine on again by pressing the On button or the Power save key. The Save Mode has basically used to preserve the life of the machine if it is not in use every day.

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