The Last Rites of a Man



The darkest and the saddest part of everyone’s life is death. Though it is the truth of life yet not easily acceptable. Whether one accepts it or not, it is inevitable in its approach. One cannot deviate himself from this bitter truth of life. The period from the last breath till the final rites of a man everything seems to be heart breaking but one has to accept it. This is such an emotional moment that every person known to you stand beside you to support you in bearing your irreplaceable loss. They stay with you till the last honours given to the deceased man. 

Funeral home service also makes arrangements for the obsequies according to the wish of the kith and kin of the dead man. The dead body of the person is kept for the perennial sleep by the funeral home service which is available at affordable price according to your demand and expectations. Funeral home service cost is determined on the basis of the formalities executed before the final rites. It depends on the family member to choose the minimum cost or the maximum cost for the memorial service. The following points to be taken care of while availing the facility of funeral home service:

  • Proper paper work to be done to avoid any kind of discrepancy in future 
  • Procuring death certificate 
  • Taken extra care while storing the remains of a person close to your heart
  • Conducting burial service with all religious beliefs by the clergyman 

The charges are also paid by the funeral home service to all the service providers who are engaged in conducting the burial service

  • Cremation charges
  • Clergyman or priest performing extreme unction 
  • Musicians playing music including pianist or soloist 
  • Obituary cost
  • Expenses of shroud, flower or bouquet 

The best funeral service provider is one who takes care of the sentiments and the emotional bonding of the family with the deceased one. They provide detailed information about the types of interment so that you may select according to your requirement. The funeral organizers are very professional in their approach and customized all the rites keeping in mind your sentiments and attachments with the dead one. They also enquire about the last wish of a departed soul if any so that it can rest in peace.

The best service provider is one who can give a sense of satisfaction to the remaining family members. The last honours given to the pure soul should be customized sincerely so that the departed soul can rest in peace. The rites performed properly are also fruitful in the Salvation of the dead person. It is such a crucial time for the family members that they do not emphasize much on the cost and try to conduct each duty sincerely and honestly. It is not money but the emotions which are considered to be very significant. The one who has gone will never come back and has left this wonderful world for you. Whatever belongs to him/her, now it is yours. So, bid him/her your final adieu with a prayer in your heart to God to give him space in paradise. 

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