The Loci System – An Easy System of Memory



The mnemonic technique known as the loci system has been around for a very long time. Some say at least 2,500 hundred years but who really knows. We do know, however, the ancients Greeks were big proponents of the system.

This system has been passed down to us through the ages and survived to the present day. It goes by many names the roman room, journey method, and the peg system. It is all a sort of loci system.

The word loci mean location, or place.

Loci systems have been called memory palaces or LOCI. The way it works, basically, is you use places in your home to hold things you want to remember. It does not necessarily have to be your real home. It can be an imagined room.

· Your imaginations are what make this system or any other mnemonic technique work.

The Story of Simonides

The story of Simonides goes like this. He was giving a speech at a banquet, the roof collapsed, and he survived. Amazingly Simonides was able to identify the dead through the technique of loci. Simonides was able to recall everyone because he memorized the arrangement of the banquet hall prior to the meeting. Then he remembered where everyone sat. Therefore, he was able to recall whom the dead were by where they sat.

How Loci Works

A very simple way to make a loci system is as follows.

· Choose your locations; garage room 1, your bedroom as location 2, living room 3, dining room 4, study or office 5 bathroom 6, second bedroom 7, third bedroom 8, 2nd bathroom 9, backyard 10.

· Now at each of these locations you can place objects.

· You can also place more than one if you can stack them.

· Be sure to exaggerate the pictures in your mind to the locations to make the items stick.

· It also works for abstract things. You just have to turn them into pictures and then place it into your locations for memory storage.

· Finally, mentally walk around your location to remember each item in order.

The Loci method takes practice and a vivid imagination. The imagination improves with time. In a short amount of time, you can imagine just as vividly as you did when you were a small child. Then, you will see the true power of your memory unlock.

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