The Worst Ever Vehicle Pile Ups



Driving is a great concept, in fact, it can be said that today’s world is built around the motor car. If you have a passion for driving vehicles off-road, it is important that you get to your destination safely and incident free. Unfortunately, every year, millions of people are involved in serious road traffic accidents, and in many cases because their vehicles are not road worthy, or because of a lapse in concentration. Public highways are a far more dangerous place than any off-road trails, the following examples prove this succinctly.

The worst ever vehicle pile up is suggested to have taken place on a stretch of road in the United Arab Emirates, between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In total, there were two hundred and twenty-seven cars and twelve buses involved. Sadly, but in some ways miraculously, only three deaths were caused. Images of the dreadful event give off the impression of an Iraqi war zone rather than a road in one of the richest countries in the world.

Car insurance netherlands worst ever pile-ups took place on the outskirts of Ochten, in the Netherlands, the cause was partially put down to driver error and thick fog. There were at least one hundred and fifty vehicles involved, and one death and sixty -our injuries were caused. Foggy conditions are one of the most dangerous to be driving in, no matter how experienced you are.

Fog was also to blame for a nasty crash that took place in Fresno, California, in 2007. The visibility on the day was no more than two to three feet. In all honesty, when conditions are so bad, nobody should be driving. In the carnage, one hundred and twenty-six cars were damaged, and thirty-six people got injured. It is believed to have been the worst pile-up in US history to date.

Germany’s autobahn is well known for being a place for high-speed fun, in fact there is no speed restriction in force. Obviously, when there is no speed limit, accidents can occur. In 2009 there was a big accident that involved two hundred and thirty-nine cars. Amazingly, considering the high speed of the traffic, there were no fatalities, but sixty-six people were injured.

The next time you go for a drive, be it on a public highway or off-road, always keep in mind that accidents and collisions can happen anywhere and at any time. A momentary lapse in concentration can have deadly consequences.

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