Top 5 Best Ways To Increase The PR Of Your Site



A lot of factors influence the issuance of a search engine like Google. One of these indicators is the so-called PageRank (PR) page of the site. How to increase this indicator? There are several basic methods aimed at increasing the PR site. We will consider them further!

1. Relink inside a resource

Internal and external links transfer PageRank. In that case, if you make a large number of links to the main page of this site from the internal pages of the resource, then the PR indicator will increase.

However, this will only happen if the site has a large number of pages, otherwise, such actions will not work. It should be remembered that if you create too many internal links to other sites hbogo com activate, then they will only reduce PR. To prevent this from happening, such links must be tagged with #no-follow.

2. Social bookmarking services

This method of increasing the ranking of a site on Google has proven effectiveness and does not belong to the category of expensive. However, to use it, you need to spend a lot of time to create an account on each of the selected social bookmarking services.

But this time will not be wasted, because pretty quickly the resource will begin its advancement on low-frequency queries, and the page indexing speed will also increase. It is worth noting that social bookmarking can be done not only on the main page but also on everyone else.

3. Registration of a resource in directories

Many, rightly, consider this method to be obsolete, but it is not completely inoperative. Although registering a site in directories can contribute to a noticeable increase in PR. You can register your site using special free programs or manually.

4. Cross-references

Today, the most effective way to increase PR can be called buying end-to-end links. A similar link should be placed on the site where the main page has a fairly high PR. However, this method has a drawback – links must be regularly paid.

5. Placing links to a promoted resource on other sites

Links to other resources are placed using text publications in which links to the promoted resource were entered. Using this method, you can positively influence the PR of your resource and successfully promote it both on low- and mid-range queries.

The effect depends on the performance of the site where the link will be placed. The disadvantage of this method is that the number of resources that allow you to place an indexed link for free is reduced all the time, so this method requires cash investments.

For all methods of increasing the PR indicator not to be a waste of time and money, unique content should be placed on the promoted resource.

If the site will publish unique materials, then visitors will eventually leave natural links to it on other resources. The materials posted on the site should be periodically updated to maintain the interest of your target audience.

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