Top five Mexican restaurants in Fayetteville, NC



Food is loved by one and all. Every human being has a desire to relish new cuisines that are packed with flavor, aroma and taste. Out of all the cuisines in the world, Mexican food offers a tangy and spicy twist which one reminds of real Mexican flavor.

Top five Mexican restaurants skibo rd Fayetteville nc are:

  1. El Cazador Mexican Restaurant:

El Cazador Mexican Restaurant is one the best Mexican restaurants Skibo rd Fayetteville which offers an extensive menu filled with a great selection of Mexican cuisines like tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and other popular dishes. Prices are reasonable and servings are generous. The staff is friendly and attentive to customers’ needs. Being a long-running family-owned restaurant, every recipe is completely home-based and dish prepared using fresh ingredients. The restaurant has an outdoor sitting arrangement and accessible through a wheelchair.

  1. El burrito Mexican Restaurant ll:

The best Mexican restaurant in town, El burrito Mexican Restaurant ll serves the highest quality dishes to its customers. Food is served hot and fresh. Moreover, the chicken soup served at the restaurant is prepared using fresh veggies, spices which gives amazing texture and flavor to the soup. Sauces served along with main cuisines are consistent and have excellent taste. Customer service is great and quick. The staff is friendly, courteous and outgoing. The surroundings are clean and kept in completely hygienic conditions all the time. Overall the restaurant is a decent place for relishing some great Mexican dishes.

  1. Mi Casita Ramsey st.:

The restaurant serves the best Mexican dishes like burritos and tacos with basic drinks like margaritas. The menu is extensive and has great selections of seafood dishes. One can opt for healthier steak served by the restaurant prepared using freshly sourced meat. Shrimp bowl with rice and goat cheese is the best dish and is a specialty of the head chef. Staff is friendly and prompt in their service. Moreover, the overall dining experience is comfortable and the atmosphere is relaxing. One can ask for substitutions as the dishes can be customized according to needs. The restaurant is quite flexible in serving customizable dishes.

  1. Taqueria Las Delicias:

The restaurant has an amazing open salad bar that offers a great variety of salads made from fresh veggies and ingredients. The restaurant serves the most authentic Mexican cuisines like freshly made tortillas. Moreover, the drinks served at the restaurant are full of flavor and delicious like horchatas. The staff is friendly and courteous. Prices are reasonable and are pocket-friendly.

  1. On the border Mexican Grill and Cantina:

It is a casual restaurant chain serving great Mexican dishes Like Fajitas, burritos and grilled meats. The restaurant also offered delicious Mexican drinks like frozen Margaritas. Servers are amazing, helpful and caring. Moreover, the manager is courteous towards customers and is present round the clock at the customer’s disposal. The restaurant accepts various payment options and even accepts payments through mobile wallets. Overall it is a great Mexican Restaurant that uses its limited space efficiently.

Mexican restaurant Fayetteville NC packs great food with amazing and prompt service which attracts tourists and locals from far off places and different parts of the town.

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