Understanding The Google Online Marketing Challenge



The Google online marketing challenge is program specifically geared towards higher education students and professors, its implications are set to greatly affect how online marketing is handled. Basically, the online marketing challenge is a way to improve how people will market themselves, brands and products easily over the internet with time.

The great thing about the Google online marketing challenge is that both parties, Google and the participants, are set to benefit. Google gets invaluable information through the challenge. At the same time, participants not only get a wealth of experience, while at the same time breaking new marketing frontiers while venturing into Internet marketing, but they also get paid for it with plenty of perks for the winning teams.

The Google Oysters XO challenge mostly is setup to capitalize on Google’s AdWords and Google+ services. Over the last 5 years, the Challenge has attracted over 50,000 professors and students from different universities around the world- close to 100 countries. These students are able to gain some experience at the same time enjoying the challenge as they compete to create marketing campaigns over the internet.

Basically, Google offers students a $250 budget that they will use to create and run a working online advertising campaign over a 3-week period. This campaign is to be aimed at promoting a non-profit organization or business; putting it on the map and ensuring that it sells or carves out a substantial image. The most successful teams in creating a successful campaign then win great prized, which may include a student’s trip to Google’s headquarters. At the same time, students get the an opportunity to take part in the Google+ Social Media Marketing Award, which is optional, through creating and maintaining a G+ page for the client of their choice over a 6-week period.

The Google online marketing challenge is only open to teams. Essentially, members of any one team need to all be students at the university level. The great thing is that the challenge does not regard the majors participants are taking or which year they are at. However, the team has to consist of 3-6 members. Also, the team has to have an accredited professor heading the team before it can be fully registered for the challenge. Unfortunately, this year’s Google online marketing challenge has already gone by. Good thing though is that the next challenge is set to take place next year, 2014.

Joining the Google online marketing challenge

To participate in the Google online marketing challenge there are several issues that need to be adhered to be legible. To have the chance of taking a shot on the challenge, these are some of the aspects that will need to be followed up:

1. Registration
The first and foremost step to take is to ensure that you register your team for the challenge. Google online marketing challenge teams have to consist of 3-6 participants plus a team captain- an accredited professor.

2. Creation and linking of an AdWords account
Once registered, by the team captain of course, the team has to then create and verify an AdWords account through which it will handle its online marketing campaign.

3. Pick a business to promote
The next step is for the team to choose a local business or organization to promote or campaign for.

4. Studying the client and how AdWords works
To work successfully with AdWords, it will be essential that the team studies how it works. At the same time, the team will have to meet with, and determine the client company’s goals and aims, then come up with a strategy on how to market it.

5. Uploading of a pre-campaign report and crediting of the teams AdWords account
Once the team has come up with a report- the pre-campaign report- they then submit to Google and wait for verification and crediting of their account. The amount to be credited is US$250.

6. Campaign
The team then runs its campaign over the stipulated time period.

7. Create and Submit a final report
All participating Google online marketing challenge teams have to ensure that they create and submit a final report before the deadline dates for consideration.

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